Caleva Mixer Granulator Blender

A market leader in manufacturing and developing equipment for the production of pellets (beads or spheroids) by Extrusion and Spheronization

Deagglomeration and mix or blend your small batch samples in a single operation

Be more flexible with your mixing of small samples using a single benchtop machine. Faster development that is more likely to succeed Work efficiently with your mixing, blending and granulation of your small batches quickly Proven ability to mix, blend, de-agglomerate and granulate a wide range of different materials in small batches. The system will work with many of your fine powders, powder mixtures, pulp, blends, agglomerated materials, pastes, spreads, waxes and slurries; Demonstrated efficacy with powder batch sizes from about 10 g to 135 g depending on the bulk density of the sample Liquids creams and fluids have been demonstrated to be blended with batch sizes ranging from 20 ml to 170 ml Efficiently de-clump (de-agglomerate or de-lump) your compacted powders and particles.


A component of the Caleva Multi Lab that is finding its own place as a separate and highly versatile small laboratory Mixer/Blender/Granulator. The Caleva MGB is a must for any laboratory who need to complete these processes quickly with small sample sizes. An ideal mixer for many development processes designed to improve the chances of success in development projects. The small size enhances the possibility to progress through trial iterations quickly offering faster results to enable and enhance your progress quickly to reach your objectives faster. Speed up your R&D, make good use of your budgets. Two different mixing bowl and blade sets are available depending on the properties of your product and what you are trying to achieve. Test your product with us before purchase to assist in your decision making. Acquire the right options for your products and objectives from the beginning. Water jacketed bowls and different bowl sizes are also available. Bowl inserts are available to further enhance your batch size options. Discuss with us and let us help you make the right choices. Test your product before you decide which system components are right for you so that the Caleva MGB will do exactly what you want it to do.

Will it help in your laboratory and industry to achieve your objective?

We have tested a lot of different products covering a range of industries from food and pharmaceutical to catalysts and petrochemicals as well as cosmetics and fish food. We have successfully tested inorganic chemicals to crystalline salts. We have blended and mixed a wax at room temperature evenly distributing this throughout a light fluffy organic powder. We have blended mixtures of pastes and gels. The list goes on and we are still finding new applications and industries for this flexible laboratory unit. No matter what your industry or your product characteristics talk to us, discuss what you want to achieve and let see if this magnificent mixer/blender/granulator (the Caleva MGB) will offer you the additional ability you need in your laboratory.

The Caleva MGB in use

Provides your laboratory with an opportunity to mix, granulate and blend a wind range of small samples. Development progress can be faster and new ideas can be tried very quickly with minimum use of product. Increase your chances of R&D success. Complete more iterations of your development trials and achieve your objectives with less time and product usage..



Tablet and Pellet Mini Coater Drier

Do you need to quickly coat or dry a few tablets, capsules or pellets?

From a single tablet up to about 150 tablets From a few grams to about 60 grams of small pellets From a single capsule to a "small handful" You can reduce the amounts of ingredients used whilst still producing meaningful results


If your work involves coating particles from 0.5mm to about 10 mm in diameter and you need to work with small batches, want ease of operation, need GLP compatibility then the MCD-2 may be something for you! You can achieve excellent uniformity within and between batches whilst reducing your product cost and overcome limited product availability . Ease of use together with the possibility to coat very small batches makes the MCD-2 particularly attractive both for university teaching and research laboratories.

Tablet coating

You set the batch size from, 1 to 150 tablets! Use everything you make - no wastage All batch sizes will give you representative samples

Spheroid coating and drying

Coat from a few grams up to about 60g of pellets Compatible with the integrated Caleva Multi Lab pellet making system You can use the MCD-2 for demonstrations and group work

Project work

You directly control all important parameters; see your results quickly Batch sizes appropriate for your further project work (eg. dissolution testing) Part of the Caleva Multi Lab integrated pellet development system

Features of the basic instrument configuration:



Mixer Torque Rheometer

Quantify the characteristics of your formulation

Would it help your work to reduce your formulation development time? Do you need to optimize the characteristics of your formulation? Can you confirm that the same product from different suppliers behaves differently in your formulations? Would it be useful to be able to quantify the characteristics of samples taken from your granulator?


The Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer is well established as a valuable formulation development, formulation research and production quality control tool. It will uniquely provide you with quantitative and reproducible measurement of the rheology of a wet mass. Having this information will enable you to optimize your formulations in the least possible time. It will enable you to investigate product and excipient quality issues in a quantitative and meaningful way. You will obtain reproducible data regardless of whether you have simple or complex formulations, with different binders and different mixing times. The reproducible figures generated can be incorporated into formulation development and production quality control saving both time and cost. The data can be used as part of scale-up and the instrument can also be used for quality control in production. The MTR-3 is designed to enable the user to quantify the consistency properties of a wet mass.

Improve your formulation development

Increase the speed of your formulation development Quantify the effect of different excipients and binders to solve formulation problems in less time. Optimize your formulation parameters to compensate for batch variations between excipients.

Information that can be used in scale up programs.

Quantitative data about the rheology of you product is available. Use this data in a structured scale up program. Remove uncertainty from your process development.

Production quality control within the granulation process.

Small batches can be taken from the granulator for assessment. You will need just a minute to have reliable data to give you confidence about you granulation. Testing takes about one minute and give a quantitative result in which you can have confidence. Quality control without production delays



Caleva Multi Lab

Batch sizes to 10g to 100g for teaching and research

Imagine a granulator, extruder and spheronizer all in a single unit You will save benchtop space, time and your costly product Use from 10g up to a 100 g batch size for your teaching and research From powder to pellets in under 30 minutes on the benchtop Use batches from 10g up to 100g whilst saving your bench space and offering you a high level of flexibility for your student groups


Is this your best granulator, extruder & spheronizer on a single base unit? A single bench top unit offering you advantages for university teaching that is cost effective to purchase, easy and safe to use and is robust in the hands of student users. Offers best use of your benchtop space. You will have a safer and more efficient work environment. Tool Less Technology reduces cleaning time and increases interaction of your students. Suitable for a wide range of material, from easily mixed pharmaceutical formulations to less easy to mix catalyst and inorganic mixes for the petrochemical industry.

Do you want to introduce pellet research and production in your university courses?

You can cost-effectively demonstrate pellet formulation development to your students for a wide range of materials Represents a sound use of your available funds Offer your students a demonstration of pellet manufacturing processes and allow them to do trials

Can be used by individuals or by groups

Offers you a coherent approach to the processes involved in pellet development and production. Works with small batches and can do many trials quickly. Let all your students take part for a better experience. Allow your student groups to test the relationship between formulations and processes



Gear Extrusion and Spheronization High Density Kit

Production rates of about 50 kg per hour Why would you select a Gear extruder? Do you want a higher compression that a screen extruder will give you? Do you need less heat generation than a screw extruder will give you? A gear extruder could be your best option


The Caleva Gear Extruder high density Extrusion and Spheronization kit is a small scale production kit with an output between about 40 to 60 kg per hour linked with a Caleva Spheronizer 500. The Caleva Gear Extruder 40 is a cost effective gear extruder ideal for many pharmaceutical and other industrial applications where a dense, high quality, extrudate is required. Gear extruders have significant and real advantages when high density extrudate is required and especially with products that can be sensitive to heat. The principle of operation is different to other extruders. The product is allowed to fall between two rotating gears. The base of the gear tooth has holes so that the product is pushed through the base of each gear into the hollow centre and falls out of the front of the gear. This process is the type of extrusion that generates the least possible amount of heat during the extrusion process. If you need a high density Extrudate and your product is sensitive to heat then talk to us and discover if a gear extruder is the right choice for you.

When might you select a gear extruder?

If you want higher compression than a screen extruder will give you If you need less heat generation than a screw extruder will generate A gear extruder could be your best option if you need higher extrusion pressures and your product is sensitive to heat.

The High Density Pellet System:

Designed to provide you with a pellet manufacturing system where higher pressures offer you benefits but heat might cause you problems! Reliable equipment with the experience of the company that invented and named the process of Spheronization

Small Footprint

Separate units that you can store easily when not in use Will pass through a standard (800mm) door Use your available space efficiently



Extrusion and Spheronization System 50kg per hour

Finish your batches quickly

Fast turnaround with Caleva equipment Easy to clean equipment leading to increased efficiency Small enough for development trials, large enough for manufacture The best choice for product development, contract manufacture and single product production


The 50 kg/hr system for your product development, and for your contract manufacture. You can clean it quickly and change your products regularly. This rapid cleaning allows you to work with different products in the same equipment leading a more efficient use of your time and resources. The system is small enough to enable you to work with development batches from 250 g Reliable equipment from the company that named the process, spheronization. The 50 kg/hour system is a smart choice for your product development, contract manufacture and single product production. Its flexibility allows you to use it in a range of industries such as pharmaceutical, catalyst manufacture, petrochemicals and ceramics.

Caleva support

You will have support from the inventors of spheronization The faster you start the more opportunities you have for increased business

Rapid changeover between products

Your clever choice for a multi-use unit Rapid dismantling, cleaning and re-assembly leading to a higher proportion of productive work. Make more of your time You can avoid the lengthy cleaning time required using highly integrated systems. Work smarter!

Small - footprint

Separate units that are easy for you to store For use in different areas of your facility. It will pass through a standard (800mm) door Use your available space efficiently

Features of the basic instrument configuration:



Extrusion and Spheronization System 100kg per hour

Fast turn-around to different products without delay with this "easy to clean" extrusion and spheronization system.

Finish your batches quickly. Fast turnaround with Caleva equipment Easy to clean equipment leading to increased efficiency The best choice for product development, contract manufacture and single product production


With the Caleva 100 kg/hour System you can easily dismantle and clean this equipment to allow you to work with different products using this easy to clean system. Do you want to spend more time producing and less time cleaning? Use reliable equipment with the experience of Caleva, the company that invented and named the process of spheronization. The 100 kg/hour system is the professional choice for your flexible contract manufacture and single product production. It allows you to use it in a range of industries such as pharmaceutical, catalyst manufacture, petrochemicals and ceramics working with a range of products using the same system.

Rapid changeover between products

Rapid dismantling, cleaning and re-assembly leading to a higher proportion of productive work making more of your time You can work smarter by avoiding long down time for cleaning. Highly integrated systems often require more cleaning Reduce your lead time for your customers Faster lead times will win you more contracts

Small - footprint

Small units that are easy for you to store You can move them easily because they are on lockable wheels Move them out of the way when they are not being used.



Extrusion and Spheronization System 150kg per hour

Switch quickly between different materials with this easy to clean CE marked, top quality extrusion and spheronization system.

Your cost effective extrusion and spheronization system for production up to 150 kg per hour of pellets in a range of industries Contact us to learn how the Caleva Twin Screw Extruder and Caleva Spheronizer 700 is your best option Designed for use in a range of industries, such as, pharmaceutical, catalyst, cosmetics, aquaculture, chemical engineering, zeolites, biofuels, petrochemical, agrichemical and food


This system is made up of: Caleva Variable Density Twin Screw Extruder (VD-TSE70), together with The industry leading Caleva Spheronizer 700 Designed for continuous or intermittent production within industrial environments. An example of reliable and efficient British engineering at its best - this is the option for your pellet production that is backed by the well regarded support from Caleva Process Solutions. The Caleva system gives you the ability to vary the density of the extrudates or pellets. This allows you to fine-tune your process to be ideal for your product properties and the intended use of your pellet or extrudate. This allows you to scale-up from your formulation development with any laboratory benchtop extruder. If you have not completed your laboratory formulation development, then you might consider the laboratory Variable Density Extruder or the Caleva Multi Lab as the VD-TSE70 is the logical next step in the scale-up pathway.

The Caleva VARIABLE DENSITY Twin Screw Extruder (VD-TSE70)

The VD-TSE70 was designed to provide excellent results in a wide range of industries for production of variable density extrudate and pellets Designed to withstand a higher axial load to reduce risk of damage in use by operator Minimal use of tools for assembly and disassembly for cleaning Hygienic design allowing effective cleaning and sterilisation Cooling jacket included as standard Digital display of product temperature during operation



Variable Density Kit


The Caleva variable Density Kit will allow you to develop pellets with different densities, thus widenening your chance of achieving a successful formulation. The kit is made up of the Caleva Variable Density Extruder and the Multi Bowl benchtop spheronizer with a 250 mm diameter bowl attached.

Caleva Model VDE benchtop Variable Density Extruder is designed to offer you the ability to produce experimental formulation applications with different densities. It is a novel extruder design and utilises a variety of screen screen thicknessesin the axial configuration from 1mm to 12mm. The extruder holes for example for any diameter extrudate can be between 1 and 12 mm in length.

Extrudate Density: The Density of the extrudate of any given diameter varies as a function of the extruder screen hole length thus the name of the Variable Density Extruder. So by changing a screen hole depth you can increase the density of the extrudate. This can offer several advantages depending on the end use of the product.

Extrudate Quality: The extrudate quality improves dramatically as the hole length and therefore density increases exhibiting smoother surfaces with less breaks and voids. If this extrudate is used for spheronization this then can lead to spheres that are very consistent in both their roundness and size distribution which usually results in higher usable yields.

The Caleva MBS (Multi Bowl Spheronizer) is the most complete bench-top spheronizer available as a standard configuration. With its optional bowls it is a cost effective way of working with a wide range of batch sizes in a single machine. Optional interchangeable bowls allow spheronization of batch sizes from 1 gram to 1000 gram. The standard bowl is suitable for batch sizes from 100 gram to 1500 gram; (usable capacity up to about 1.6 litres of standard pharmaceutical product).