BioInicia는 Nano Technology 분야의 선두 기업으로 나노파이버, 나노파티클 관련 연구 및 산업 기기의 디자인 및 생산을 주요 사업으로 하고 있습니다.나노 소재는 각종 첨단전자제품, 전지셀과 같은 에너지 분야, 자동차나 항공기와 같은 수송장치, 인공피부나 약물전달시스템과 같은 바이오 및 제약 기술 분야 제품에 널리 사용될 뿐만 아니라 스포츠 레저용품, 의류제품 등 우리 일상 용품에도 직접 적용되는 첨단 소재입니다.

As the engineering division of BioInicia, FLUIDNATEK™ main activity is the design, manufacturing and commercialization of eStretching
(eSpinning and eSpraying) equipment. In our constant chase for customer satisfaction, FLUIDNATEK™ is focused on providing research groups

and companies involved in  micro-submicro-nanoparticles and fibers technology with suitable equipment to develop and produce their products at their target scale.

Having a temperature and humidity control is a big advantage of Fluidnatek system compared to other eSpray manufactures. Another important advantage is the Taylor cone visualization. Both features ensure a much better control on the process, thus ensuring reproducibility of the results. In addition, BioInicia is willing to share with customers through hosting them in BioInicia office, or having joint projects. On the other hand, BioInicia's main advantage compared to other manufacturers is the scalability, especially in coaxial. If there are customers aiming at higher volumes, other manufacturer doesn't have anything to do against Fluidnatek.