Unmatched automated stability and ageing analysis
The DataPhysics MultiScan MS 20 enables the automation of stability and ageing analyses for a large variety of colloidal systems.

The MS 20 provides, first and foremost, a precise and accurate determination of the time and temperature dependant properties of multiphase systems. Additionally, it can provide information about changes in the average particle or droplet size, the relative size distribution, and the effective concentration of dispersed phases. Applicable across the varied disciplines of research and development through to production control; the MS 20 ensures the fast, precise and reliable measurement and data analysis. Up to six scan towers, ST, can be attached to the base unit to facilitate time efficient operation and allow direct comparisons of different samples or variability studies of the same sample.
The MS 20 is designed for the software controlled measurement and analysis of:
  the time and temperature dependent stability of dispersions and emulsions
  the sedimentation and creaming characteristics
  the particle and droplets size distribution in multiphase systems
  the particle size in emulsions and dispersions
  the width of the particle size distribution (in combination with a Scan Tower with L2 option ST-xx/L2)
  the coalescence and coagulation phenomena
The MS 20 consists of the base unit with the following technical features:
  base unit with six slots for the connection of up to six independent scan towers, ST-xx
  adaptive control of light intensity
  measuring and control electronics for digital temperature display and control
  barcode scanner for easy and specific sample registration and documˇ©entation
  integrated touch sensitive screen for basic operation and control of all connected scan towers, ST
  USB interface to PC system
  integrated power supply

Adapt-ST with cuvette for small sample volumes SC 10

Software MSC 20

Scan Tower ST-TFC/L1