Many different experimental techniques for measuring the elongational properties of non-Newtonian fluids have been developed over the last 30 years. All these techniques were difficult to operate, generated complex flows and therefore confusing results. As a consequence successful commercially available instruments did not exist. The CaBER 1 is the first instrument to change this!

The CaBER system is an easy-to-use extensional rheometer for examining polymer solutions, suspensions, melts, adhesives, emulsions and a variety of other materials. The CaBER system can be used as an analytical instrument, or as a quality control tool.
Hencky strains : up to 0 = 10
Strain rate range : Imposed strain rate 0.01 < 0 < 300 s-1
Fluid strain rate : 10-5 < 0 < 10 s-1
Shear Viscosity range : 10-106 mPas
Plate diameter : 4 < Dplate < 8 mm, standard = 6 mm
Temperature range : 0 - 80 C
Diameter resolution : 10 m
System response time : 10 ms
Dimension (instrument only) : 40 x 34 x 60 cm

The HAAKE MARS - Modular Advanced Rheometer Systems offers a new dimension to the concept of modularity. It is designed to allow all application-related assemblies, including the measuring head and electronics systems, to be interchanged.
  The modular R&D controlled stress rheometer platform features a design that enables the system to adapt quickly and flexibly to the requirements of different applications and tests. The HAAKE MARS offers:
Interchangeable temperature control units
- Liquid temperature controlled cylinder system (-40degC* to +200degC)
- Liquid temperature controlled cone & plate system
(-80degC* to + 350degC)
- Electrically heated cylinder system (30degC to +300degC **)
- Electrically heated cone & plate system (-80degC* to +500degC)
- Peltier controlled cone & plate system (-60degC* to +185degC)
- Closed temperature chamber (-150degC to +600degC)
* depending on the temperature control unit used
** using suitable measuring geometries
Integrated web server for remote monitoring
CR, CS, CD mode in rotation and CS and CD in oscillation
Axial force measurement during rotation and during axial movement in tension and compression
Hybrid temperature control combining the benefits of convection and radiation for high heating and cooling rates
Clamshell design for easy access and good thermal stability in the chamber
Modularity offers medium temperature (-70degC to +600degC) and low temperature (-150degC to +600degC) configurations
  Temperature control units ensure reliable operation at temperatures from -150degC to 600degC. Special measurement equipment can be integrated including:
pressure cells up to 400 bar
UV cell for measuring UV-hardened materials
an optical module for the synchronous analysis of rheological properties and the microscopic structure of a sample

RheoStress 1
The RheoStress 1 is a universal laboratory rheometer with the features of a research grade instrument. These excellent capabilities are realized by the use of a 4th generation air bearing and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology. The fast digital adaptative control loops used in the RheoStress 1, allow all type of measurements in CS, CR and CD-mode in constant shear and oscillation.
Typical test methods: Flow curves, time and temperature dependent properties, yield point determination, creep/recovery, multiwave acquisition, etc.

RotoVisco 1
The RotoVisco 1 is a classical rotational rheometer. The use of a true CR motor in combination with a frictionless torque measurement system makes the instrument precise and reliable. It can be equipped with all the Series 1 temperature control systems and the whole range of Thermo Haake measurement geometries, making this rheometer a truly versatile instrument. Featuring an automatic lift system with auto-zero and thermo-gap functions, the RotoVisco 1 is unique in its class.
Typical test methods: Flow curves, time and temperature dependent properties, yield point determination for high viscous materials, etc.
    Instruments Overview
  Measurement of
Test methods
Motor / Bearing technology
RotoVisco 1
Viscous properties
Rotation: CR
Stepper motor /
Frictionless torque measurement
RheoStress 1
Viscous properties
Viscoelastic properties
Rotation: CS, CR, CD
Oscillation: CS, CD
Drag cup motor / Air bearing


new rheometer for rheology education and for the next level of quality control - Introducing the
Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester iQ Rheometer


Measure and analyze the rheological properties of a wide range of liquid, paste and semi-solid samples with the The Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ iQ Air rheometer

The Viscotester iQ rheometer is an intuitive solution designed to meet the daily rheological requirements of QC labs.
The Viscotester iQ Air rheometer is the smallest commercially available oscillation air bearing rheometer in the world.
Both set new standards in modularity, ease of use, increased efficiency, and intelligent user guidance, from simple viscosity determinations to complex rheological investigations.