Rheometer > MARS40 & 60
Modular Advanced Rheometer Systems offers a new dimension to the concept of modularity.
Zeta Potential Analzer > ZC-3000 series
Microscopic electrophoresis method Automatic tracking in image processing Visual and manual measurement of individual particles...
Asphalt & Soil Applications > FACT (Fully-Automated Cyclic Triax)
FACT has simplified cyclic triaxial soil testing. FACT is a totally integrated system that is delivered fully plumbed and therefore, easy to set-up straight out of the box for a full range of cyclic triaxial soils analysis. It is completely integrated, has streamlined testing, eliminates heavy lifting for easy specimen placement.
SAHARA heating bath circulators ... These open baths are availalbe in a choice of three materials
ARCTIC refrigerated circulators ... These units offer tight control of cooling capacities
Temperature Control Unit for Fogging Test ... Fogging behavior DIN 75201-R
New Extensional Rheometer MARS40 & 60
New Modular Research Grade Rheometer
Vilastic-3 for Biofluid Rheology ... Extensional viscoelasticity, porous media
Apparent Bulk Density ... Apparent Bulk Density- The material is freely poured through a funnel into a measuring cup of a known volume.
Density Balance
Test Sample Notching Cutter
Moisture Balance ... The sample material is weighed at the start of the test and again after the heating cycle is finished.
Small Injection Moulding Machine
Mini CTW..Requires only seven ml of material for compounding
MiniLab ... Micro Rheology Compounder
TU-12,Portable Tenderometer
Texture Analyzer FTC TMS-Console ... The TMS-Console makes quality control testing on a factory floor or production environment a much simpler task at an affordable price.