MCIK는 물성 관련 연구 및 산업용 기자재를 생산하는 세계 유명 회사들의 국내 Representative 인 MC 관련 전문 회사로서 여러분들의 연구 개발 및 생산에 실질적인 도움이 될 수 있도록 항상 노력하고 있습니다. 저희는 맞춤식 기기의 판매와 더불어 철저한 아프트 서비스와 함께 참고자료 지원 및 관련 기술까지 (유료 Lab service 포함) 소개하는 MC 관련 Total Solution을 제공하는 전문가 집단 입니다.
  MCIK is a specialist production, sales and service organization and is the distributor for the Thermo Electron (Karlsruhe) GmbH (Haake Material Characterization: Rheology and Polymer Technology, Germany ) Thermo TC ( Haake Temperature Control Technology, USA), Marimex Industries GmbH (On-line Process Viscometery, Germany), FTC (Physical Testing Equipments for Foods, USA ),Microtec Co., Ltd. (Zeta Potential and Particle Size Analyzer, Japan), Dataphysics (Contact Angle and Surface Tensiometer, Germany), Schleibinger (Building Materials Testing Systems, Germany), IPC Global (Instruments for Asphalt, Soil, Unbound g Ganular & Other Construction Materials, Australia), Sequip GmbH (Insitu On-line Particle Size Analyzers, Germany), Controls s.r.l.(Instruments for Asphalt, Soil,Aggregates,Cement,Concrete and Rock & Other Construction Materials,Italy), Ray-Ran (Advanced Polymer testing Equipment, UK), Innovative Sintering Technologies Ltd. (IST: Powder and Fiber Analyzers, Germany), BioInicia (Electrospinning & Electrospray : Nano Technology,Spain) , ARRB Group (PMS - Pavement management system, Australia), Sopat GmbH ( Insitu On-line Particle Size Analyzers, Germany), PermTech { instruments for measuring oxygen permeability (O2TR), water vapour permeability (WVTR) and carbon dioxide permeability (CO2TR) }, Caleva Process Solutions Limited { market leader in manufacturing and developing equipment for the production of pellets (beads or spheroids) by Extrusion and Spheronization } and Findlay Irvine Ltd (Continuous surface friction measuring device, Scotland/UK) range of equipments and instruments in Korea.  
Falling ball, battery operated, rotational viscometers for QA or QC applications, in-line process viscometers and micro falling ball viscometers

Controlled rate, dynamic oscillation, controlled stress, modular, Mooney viscometer, Moving die / oscillation disc rheometer, optical and extensional rheometers.

Temperature Control
Immersion circulators, bridge circulators, open bath circulators, shaking water bath, heating circulators, refrigerated circulators. cryostats, immersion coolers and water recirculators

Material Testing Instruments
Melt flow indexers and other range of plastic physical testing equipments and sample preparation units

Polymer Testing Instruments
Micro compounders, torque rheometers, mixers, extruders, test sample injection moulding system, elastometer, polymer and composites testing / measuring equipments like HDT/VICAT, hardness, CHARPY / IZOD / falling Impact, moisture density, linear thermal film shrinkage, brittleness, environmental stress cracking apparatus, static & dynamic co-efficient of friction, sample preparation equipments like CNC test, sample cutters, sample cutting press and Notch cutters

Micro compounders, torque rheometer

Internal mixer, change-bowl mixers

Twin Screw Extruders
Twin screw compounding equipment for laboratory through to production applications

On-Line Process Control
Online viscosity measurement system

Zeta Potential Analyzer
Zeta potential analyzer

Food Technology (Food Texture Measurement System)
TMS-Pro, TMS-2000, Tenderometer

Asphalt Applications
Gyratory Compaction
TSRST Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test
Triaxial Stress Stage Modulus Test
Tensile strength testing for fatigue cracking analysis.
Tensile creep and strength testing for thermal cracking analysis
Asphalt Permanent Deformation Test
Beam Fatigue Test
Simple Performance Test
Creep compliance and strength
Shear Box Compactor Workability
Cyclic Compression Test
SCDUF - Simplified Continuum Damage Uniaxial Fatigue
Dynamic creep (Permanent deformation)
Resistance to fatigue
Dynamic modulus
Resilient modulus values of bituminous mixtures
Fatigue test
Flow Number
Resilient behavior
Poisson's ratio
Flow Time
Permanent Deformation Test
Indirect tensile fatigue
Permanent Compressive Strain
Indirect Tensile Modulus Test
Indirect tensile test
Hot mix asphalt automatic closed loop extractor
Hamburg type double wheel tracker 

PMS - Pavement management system

Continuous surface friction measuring device

Soil Applications
Advanced Cyclic Triaxial
Automatic Computerized Oedometer test
Laboratory vane apparatus

Aggregates,Cement,Concrete and Rock Applications
compression-flexural cement and Concrete test
Compressometer-Extensometer for Elastic Modulus determination
Skid resistance and friction test
Electromechanical sieve shaker
Vicamatic / Automatic Vicat apparatus
Automatic triaxial tests system

MCIK recognises the importance of specialisation and dedication to a specific science and as such provides full technical support and service. MCIK is dedicated to the supply and service of temperature control, polymer, rubber, rheology and viscometry instruments and equipment and support this with full theoretical and practical training courses.

MCIK has its head office in Seoul and works with a team of specialist sales and factory trained service personnel throughout Korea. The combined experience of this team ensures that MCIK is able to provide their customers with access to the products to ensure that the right technical support and service is provided.